Portable Appliance Testers

Portable Appliance Testers, or PATs as they are commonly referred to, play an integral role in assessing the safety parameters of electrical appliances. These devices are designed to carry out a range of critical tests on appliances, including tests for earth continuity, insulation resistance, and lead polarity. These evaluations help ensure the safe operation of equipment and contribute significantly to workplace and domestic safety standards.

Navigating the marketplace for PATs can be challenging due to the array of available options. Let’s explore some of the leading brands and models in the industry:

  1. Seaward: Renowned for delivering robust performance and long-lasting durability, Seaward has made a name for itself in the PAT industry. A notable model in their lineup is the Seaward Apollo 600+. This device stands out due to its comprehensive suite of features, which includes a built-in risk assessment tool. Additionally, it can store up to 50,000 test records, making it a valuable tool for large-scale operations.

  2. Fluke: Fluke is another respected name in the PAT marketplace. The Fluke 6200-2 PAT tester is particularly well-received owing to its simplicity and efficiency in executing basic safety checks. This model is a testament to Fluke’s commitment to delivering user-friendly yet highly effective equipment.

  3. Megger: Megger’s range of PATs, including the Megger PAT320, is appreciated for providing a comprehensive set of functions coupled with an intuitive user interface. These characteristics make Megger devices a popular choice amongst PAT users, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals.

  4. Kewtech: Kewtech is recognised for its innovative and reliable range of PATs. One such example is the Kewtech KT72, which is known for its straightforward functionality, making it a go-to option for many users.

  5. Metrel: Metrel’s DeltaPAT 3309 BT stands out due to its high degree of compatibility with smartphone apps. This feature enhances data management capabilities and facilitates the generation of reports, making it a favoured choice for users who appreciate the integration of modern technology in their testing equipment.